Pelosi Says Dems Will ‘Shut It All Down’ If They Don’t Get Their Way On Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi is getting desperate. In a secret meeting today broadcast live on C-SPAN by accident, Pelosi was heard telling a group of wealthy donors that the majority of the country wants Trump removed. Our reporter in the field, Sandy Batt, says the speech was simply disgusting:

“Pelosi was overheard at a fundraiser full of Hollywood elites bashing the President and calling for a ‘total shutdown’ if her party didn’t get their way on impeachment. In her own words, Pelosi said ‘We will shut down not just the Senate smoking lounge, but their cafeteria and their bath house. The Roman Empire fell from within. The Senate will follow.’

“Pelosi then went on to say she would make sure none of Trump’s ‘boomer supporters’ get their Social Security checks if they don’t ‘fall in line.’ The whole thing was like listening to Stalin give a dissertation on socialism.”

Pelosi certainly does have the power to shut down all of those things under the Consolidatement Clause of Article 5 Section 3 of the Bill of Rights. Those passages right before the Amendments lay out the budgetary definitions of the Speaker’s job. In so that no other representative may forthwith certify their cognitive abilities to mediate a transgression, the power shifts to the Senate, and Mitch McConnell says he’s ready:

“We’ll make sure these Democrats never get a vote again. They want to play dirty, we can play dirty. Kavanaugh and the rest of the Trump judges are waiting for their marching orders. The Republic shall not falter in its defense of these rights as we know them.”

There you have it, in terms as clear as the day is long. Sleep well, America. Winter is coming.

95 thoughts on “Pelosi Says Dems Will ‘Shut It All Down’ If They Don’t Get Their Way On Impeachment

    1. So she is going to withhold funds for political reasons? Isn’t that what this farce impeachment is all about? She is the absolute definition of a hypocrite. These people are not sane.

  1. Nancy needs to go! She is burning up 🥵 with her hate for Trump. She is blinded with hate she has not one ounce of love flowing in her soul or heart. She will definitely destroy America if she is not removed.

  2. This is ridiculous! She has no power to stop Social Security checks to Trump supporters. This whole thing has gotten so out of hand. We the people will NOT “fall in line”. Something has got to give..

  3. The DEMOCRATS are doing exactly what they are accusing President Trump of doing!!!! Time for the whole bunch goes down for TREASON!!

    1. I say if she does what she says, I say President Trump should declare marshal law and then set up a military tribunal to try all these traitors for treason and any other crimes they are guilty of. I have never liked marshal law but in this case its justified.

  4. Can pelosi really keep US old folks from getting our social security checks?
    If she holds this kind of power….what kind of rights does Our President hold?
    pelosi is in need of a tall alcoholic drink so she can get those dentures to rattling around maybe even spit the out!
    She Should Have ALL of Her Rights Removed along with her band of Odumbasses! FIRE THE BITCH!!!!!!

  5. Pelosi should be impeached Not President Trump! Her whole district is a huge mess, shes proven she doesnt care about those Americans that put her there.
    Pelosi should be impeached today if not sooner!
    God bless Our President Trump!
    God bless America & her people!
    We deserve better then her! Her state needs her to do her job…….or is her job.. just what shes been doing…..nothing but causing trouble for Everyone!
    Open borders, take our guns, these are but 2 things she needs to be held accountable for.

  6. Nancy Pelosi sounds childish and irresponsible. The corruption has been covered up but it will show. No matter what the Democrats demand no ones going to give in to their nonsense! Cooler heads will prevail and people can step down! We just can not allow the corruption to continue. Perhaps some jobs can be cut and some additional house cleaning is needed. I stand with Trump!

    1. She is not childish. She is a criminal, and she is running scared. She is trembling in her shoes, knowing that her crimes against the people of California, of America will come out in the open, if she and the gang will even for a moment suspend a series of false accusations against Trump, or Russia, or Putin, or Butina (poor, naive kid) or Mike Flynn, or Brett Kavanaugh, … (the list goes on) …

    1. this woman is nuts, she need be removed and to a mental institution
      Mr Trump along with Reagan is best president ever.

      why is Mr Shiff still in congress he should have been removed after he lied to all american people about the trump call.
      Democrats are all evil people who hate america
      im latino and support Trump.

  7. Who in the hell does pelosi think she is? Threatening to make sure none of Trump’s ‘boomer supporters’ get their Social Security checks if they don’t ‘fall in line.’? This woman needs to be removed from congress along with anyone that stands with her.

  8. Would love to know where this traitor people gets her info that a majority of Americans want TRUMP gone.and also is it not a crime for her to ignore her oath of office.she is unfit for office and is a liar to the American people.

  9. Nan, you and your thug cronies totally underestimate the determination of the Patriot movement to preserve our beloved nation from you.

  10. This is all very interesting. seems the speaker of the house will step to any level, ( apparently doing what the dems are accusing Pres. Trump of doing ? that’s OK ?
    there gonna find out that the most dangerous person(s) alive are an old man/women with nothing to loose, no future (age wise) and the government is gonna rip em farther into the ground ? I think not.
    “High crimes and misdemeanors” are required of a person under the constitution before they can be impeached. anyone doing otherwise have committed nothing more then coup against a legally seated president. by the way, the current fiasco ? it is the Second attempt at an illegal coup against the president of conus. the accusers must also have First hand knowledge of these high crimes and misdemeanors and testify to the same.
    to date, the only truthful act regarding High crimes and Misdemeanor’s committed by the dems or there whistleblower’s would be……..damn if I know what that might be.
    under current actions created by the Mafia Queen of N. Y. (Pelosi) I do not understand how they have not been arrested for treason and or sedition against not only the president but against conus. against you and I.

  11. Nancy is sick in the head just like the rest of the democrats these people must be stopped at any cost! The people of this great country will not stand by and let this tyranny happen. Be careful Nancy you might not like what you get!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪💪💪💪

    1. The politicians are supposed to represent their constituates. They are their to do just that not to try and destroy our country and think we must fall in line with them. We will never fall in line with their demented thinking. America is and will always be the land of the free and the home of the brave, Thank you President Trump for showing the world what a real leader is

  12. why is piglousy not in jail awaiting sedition charges along with her merry band of criminals….its high time to star arresting these peices of $hit…………………………

  13. Wow. To threaten my way of life and manner of living! Nancy forgets the Almighty and His servants whom she threatens.
    Sober up woman, Rimnod will throw her away as soon as it’s done with her and laugh.

  14. Those that are working to overthrow the US gov’t will one day receive their 30 pieces of silver, and share the same fate as Judas in the Bible! Don’t buy the lies they are selling. They want a global gov’t and will stop at nothing to achieve it.

  15. Hmm. I’ll trade you Nasty Pelosi for a Justin Trudeau, and I’ll even throw in a Catherine McKenna to sweeten the deal.

  16. You guys shouldn’t do that.

    Article 5 – Bill of Rights is the Supreme Law in which Amendments may be added to the Constitution.
    There are no “Sections” in Article 5.

    There are people out there who will fail to recognize that this is SATIRE and will act accordingly.

  17. I would question this story as it seems to originate from “Potatriots Unite ” a site that claims to be dedicated to “satire, ridicule ans mockery.
    You may want to vet your news items a little more closely as stories like this could seriously upset people, as if there was not enough to actually be upset about.
    This site also ran a story about the Missouri supreme court overturning a gubernatorial election, that never happened
    Please be vigilant..

  18. “Consolidatement Clause of Article 5 Section 3 ”
    Article 5 regulates amendments to the document and has no section 3 as such. Which article did you refer to?

  19. The actions of these Democrats are bordering on treason…maybe we should start putting them on trial..starting with Pelosi’s misappropriation of my social security.

  20. I will never vote Democrat for as long as I live they are evil and corrupt ! If I had my way there would no longer be a Democratic Party!! They are power and money hungry running scared that it will end soon. The impeachment is a coup President Donald J Trump is innocent trying to cleanup all the Democratic Corruption! The Republicans are being watched and they need to get with President Donald J Trump and fight these Democrats!! The American Citizens are watching you Rhino Republicans also!!

  21. I did not hear this supposed broadcast but I can tell you this much, there is NO Article 5 in the Bill of Rights! If you cannot accurately relay information I cannot believe anything you allude to.

  22. I don’t think Nancy has ever seen a good old fashion tar and feathering, with the rail thrown in for running the person out of town. That will probably be her fate if she cuts off funding to the Senate and Trump supporters. Does she think she already lives in her authoritarian utopia where the Caesars can do as they please without a backlash? She’s delusional and mentally unfit for any position in government!

    1. I would question this story as it seems to originate from “Potatriots Unite ” a site that claims to be dedicated to “satire, ridicule and mockery.

  23. Gonna call BS on this story. There is no article v section three in the constitution. Article five of the constitution is only one paragraph long and deals with the amendment process. Article five in the bill of rights is the fifth amendment. Finally there is no link to what Nancy said.

  24. Sounds a little “quid pro quo” to me, Nancy please do try withholding millions of Social Security checks. Because it cost We the people nothing to change you with Treason and then to hang you by the neck until you are dead after being found guilty.
    Go ahead and play !!

  25. When the Dems controlled everything, we got no COLA for 3 years in a row. I’m a disgusted Dem not looking
    for a handout but they’re all talk and no action when it comes to the people. Dems need a real candidate
    or we’ll vote Trumpster.

  26. Most of the history of mankind has been slavery, oppression, war, famine, dictatorship and hardship. Modern America with its constitution and Bill of Rights has been the extreme exception. Our founding fathers attempted to cover all of their bases with the system they gave us, but as good as the system is, if enough evil people can get together to form a plan to wreck it, then it can most certainly be destroyed returning us to the ways of history. One must remember that the heart of man is desperately wicked and that absolute power is always dangerous while even checks and balances can be stifled when enough evil people agree to participate. Freedom is fragile and it hangs in the balance when truth is silenced.

  27. Without a link for verification this has to be considered a fabrication. If she said this and it really was broadcast on CSPAN it would be all over the rest of the media.

  28. It’s just showing you how deranged and desperate the Demoncraps are getting. None of them should be up there because nearly everyone is a communist intent on bringing this country down and Americans are just letting them.

    So expect the worst to come from them. Pulling every switch and lever till one sinks the ship.

  29. There is a cycle in human society …. the Haves make rules more and more complicated, expensive, and entangled so that the Haves always win and keep piling up the power …. after time the HaveNots realize that and do the first thing one learns in Kindergarten —- they throw the game table over and slaughter a bunch of the Haves. We are approaching that point now. That is good.


  31. So Pelosi has made a threat to STEAL earned income. Social Security is not a ‘benefit’ – it is hard earned money that was already taken once. It is a war tax and that war ended in 1945. They renamed it social security so they could keep sucking on the teat. We, the american people have been putting up with the shenanigans long enough.

  32. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on GOP retirements. (I’ve had video address links disappear so I now record twice, sometimes one changes to the actual video after the enter is selected, why I put link in 2x.)

    Where is the rest of this C-Span Pelosi interview? The part re GOP retirements has been cut from the video recording==Why, What is being hidden? Also what is the truth whereas she is stating a very large amount of Republicans will no longer be part of the House? How does she know for sure? What is missing from this picture?

  33. When is Nancy and the other Fascist Socialist getting their indictments? They should all be going down for their coup and other crimes.

  34. HOLD THE PRESSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is WORSE than the crime they are accusing Trump of committing.
    QUID PRO QUO threats against the Senior Citizens of America.
    “DO as Pelosi demands or Pelosi will STOP YOUR CONGRESSIONALLY APPROVED MONEY”
    Make certain every Senior American Citizen hears this CRIMINAL’S words.

    1. How many American Senior Citizens would literally DIE if their checks stop?
      How many CITIZENS will Pelosi MURDER with her QUID PRO QUO???

  35. Well so far only 1 or 2 out of 41 comments were smart enough to figure out this is a satire website. No wonder this country is so divided. Too many people are willing to believe anything they read. The dumbing down of America has succeeded.

  36. If Pelosi stops SS checks, she won’t be able to run for dog catcher. Old people vote! I should know, I am one. We don’t have jobs, we have time on our hands, and we can get free rides to the polls. I PROMISE I will be one of the drivers. She needs to go home and stay home. The country is tired of her BS.

  37. This is the kind of rhetoric that leads to civil war. Problem is, she and her haters will never back off or recede. So, you see where this will, must, go. Be ready.

  38. She is not childish. She is a criminal, and she is running scared. She is trembling in her shoes, knowing that her crimes against the people of California, of America will come out in the open, if she and the gang will even for a moment suspend a series of false accusations against Trump, or Russia, or Putin, or Butina (poor, naive kid) or Mike Flynn, or Brett Kavanaugh, … (the list goes on) …

  39. The story is without a real source ( AKA America News, also says James Woods is dead; he’s not) and it looks like this story has been circulated in a style (with source ‘Sandy Batt’) similar to other satire:

    Thanks for the info, but I’d advise against using “America News Today” as a source for anything.

  40. Pelosi ever pulls this shit on America she will not breathe 5 minutes after she doe it. Enjoy Nancy. It’s your call.

  41. lol Speaker Pelosi said NO SUCH THING! PERIOD you dim wits do not believe this right wing bullcrap fake news look it up on snopes or fact check

  42. Pelosi is much the ex wife holding the children hostage… what I say or don’t get your kids for the weekend…WOW…how long is America going to put up with this type of behavior. The demonrats keep it up and this digital civil war we are in will soon become an all hands on deck physical war. America was built on liberty and justice for all and so far the only ones with any rights seem to be the left and the rest of us can just go along or be punished. I for one don’t like being told what to do.

  43. First off , this is a SPOOF, SO People. Don’t mind the. Laughter
    # 2 yes i said. #2 she is full of Shit & Alcohol ,cheap stuff, just high price at Govment funding!
    #3 The people of the US of America , would. Set up a Gallows & bring Lots of Rope for true -Due Justice served up COLD HARD & Fast & Ferious! Merry Christmass Nasty Nancy & Co. ! !!!

  44. How come nobody ever talk about George Soros, he is always out there starting shit and paying for all of it. Put he’s ass in jail and then deport him, never let someone like him to get away with what he is doing to my country.

  45. Nasty Pedolousy and Schifty Adam behave as spoiled brats exposing themselves at a dinner party their parents were invited to. Unfortunately, the parents are praising these two for their prowess at tuning their frontal lobes off. Que lastima! How will they stand the embarrassment? Easy. They can not be embarrassed. Self-hypnosis.

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